iMuzica.com este un portal de muzica, online unde oricine poate posta link-uri catre: fisiere mp3, link-uri de pe soundcloud, zippyshare, youtube

Fisierele nu ne apartin si nu sunt gazduite de noi. Daca ai gasit fisierul tau pe acest site, poti oricand trimite un e-mail pe pagina de contact pentru a putea fi sters.
MP3-urile vor fi doar pentru uz personal. Nu le redistribuiti, stergeti-le de pe hard disk dupa 24 de ore. (Daca nu sunteti de acord, inchideti aceasta fereastra).

Privacy Policy

Privacy is becoming a major concern on the Internet now, due to the popularity of the Internet some businesses have taken advantage of huge amounts of data that have been collected through websites by “spammers” or by adding you to mailing lists that neither you haven’t heard.

iMuzica.com requires that we do not disclose personal information from anywhere on our site, so it is not a major issue.

However, if we adopt features to the site that require you to complete your personal information, we will make it optional and we will never make the information available to the public, we will not sell it and we will not use them for other purposes except our own research. In addition, when you use our site your IP address is not stored or authenticated in any way!